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Steve buys reliable products from LOCAL plumbing houses and other suppliers so that materials will last a long time. In addition this means that replacement or repair parts will be more likely to be available should they be needed in the future.

Faucets: Moen, Delta, Grohe, Gerber ( favorite long lasting products )

Copper Water Lines are durable and can last for decades depending on water PH.

Sometimes maintaining what you have is the most environmentally friendly path. If you have old drains that require heavy flow of water to flush the lines Steve recommends maintaining older toilets.

Many plumbing problems can be fixed with a simple tool. The plunger. A red rubber plunger is a tool that can clear many blocked pathways. Many higher priced plungers do not efficiently do the job.

When buying a lavatory faucet you want to make sure that it comes with a well built METAL pop up. Plastic pop ups likely indicate that you'll be seeing a lot of Steve!

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