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Most of Steve's business involves diagnosing plumbing related problems or needs and then coming up with a solution that suits the customer. It can be a one hour job involving a leak or a several day replacement of drains and waterlines and fixtures. Dozens of years of experience allows Steve to figure out what is needed to get the job done the way the customer wants. Physical reality and the wishes of the customer are fit into a good fix.

Below is an illustration of Steve's technique:

In a customer's kitchen Steve found a lot of water under the sink. A slight leak from the pipe connected to the sink (the tailpiece) would not explain the amount of water under the sink. Upon further inspection, Steve found a partial drain blockage in the cast iron sink drain. The blockage would create a temporary back up of water into the sink which would put drain water pressure on the leaking tailpiece which in turn explained the volume of water under the sink. It was a twofold problem of a blockage in the cast iron pipe and a slight opening in the tailpiece-sink connection. 

Steve found a rust blockage in the cast iron drain that was difficult to remove with a normal snake. So he made an auger out of a buttonwood tree branch which removed the rust from the drain. He then replaced the tail piece and accomplished one out of five jobs that day.

Plumbing diagnosis, repairs, replacements and consultations are what Steve does. 




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