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Swiss Army Knife Soliloquy








Swiss Army Knife Soliloquy
       The scissors can make fine sharp cuts needed for custom gaskets. The small knife works for testing wood to see if it is rotten. The saw will open up a drywall wall in a minute. The bale carrier will hook on a wire and allow one to pull on it with force . The corkscrew will remove a stubborn "o" ring and the small screwdriver works on  thermostat screws. The awl will cut a new hole in a belt and the hole in the awl facilitates threading of a string. The file allows one to sharpen cutting tools and the hack saw can cut a barb in the end of the needle which can be used to remove splinters from under the skin. The fish hook disgorger will lever a screw out of a stripped hole and has a centimeter and inch ruler on its' 2 sides which allow for fine measurements. The large knife deburrs and carves.The tweezers will grab a small splinter with the visual aid that is the magnifying lens. The pen likely will write your bill and because it is always at hand, it alone pays for the cost of the knife by avoiding the need to buy a succession of replacement pens. The flat screwdriver also serves as a wire stripper and a can opener. The phillips screwdriver is very handy and the pliers is used to make tools and materials out of various raw materials.
              Why the Swiss army knife soliloquy?  Just to show you the diverse possible uses that this mult-tool has and by extension what possibilities are available to you should you hire Steve who always carries one with him.












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